After Tears sells out


The popular dance group, House of Dirty Shakers Entertainment, has sold out their upcoming production After Tears, which will be staged at the Civic Theatre (basement) this evening.

The production is directed by Zane Muller, written by Sèrvane Lewane, and choreographed by Teddy Mhlambi. The show will showcase an array of local talent including Mpai Thekiso, Boipelo Monnamorwe, Courtenay Oliphant, Thapelo Mokhele and Teddy Mhlambi.

According to Muller, the dance production explores the narrative of young women and men in society who are victims of circumstances based on their sexuality and femininity; thus, they are prone to being violated, or being “GBV’ed” – Grabbed, Bruised and Victimised. The performance therefore poses questions to society such as ‘Am I next?’ and ‘Is this what my life has amounted to?’”.

Muller told Bloemfontein Courant that they hope to send out a significant message and they aim to reiterate and reinforce that gender-based violence (GBV) is a profound human rights violation with major social and developmental impacts for survivors, as well as their families, communities and society.

“It is for this particular reason why educating our communities about such subject matters is significant as it would help us find a solution to prevent such issues from becoming habitual. After the performance, we’ll have a Q & A to discuss how we as a community can decrease the stats; in so doing the community that we reside in becomes prudent and provident for our next generation.

It is within this space that we hope to partner with organisations to help offer assistance to these victims to help them know that you are not alone in this and that we need to take a stand and raise our voices against GBV.”

Justine Fortuin