Adapting to changing media climate

Mahareng Media and Advertising sales manager Nettie de Beer. PHOTO: TANIA ALLEN

Bloemfontein Courant, the Free State’s biggest free community newspaper, has adapted its sales strategies to remain relevant amid the growing challenge of a shifting media climate.

With the rise of digital and social media, the newspaper has undergone sweeping changes to maintain and strengthen its position.

According to Nettie de Beer, sales manager at Mahareng Media and Advertising, one of the key aspects of Bloemfontein Courant’s adaptations is the integration of online sales and offers for customers.

This smart strategy involves offering complementary value, such as Facebook post outputs to the client’s platforms for a nominal fee. This also includes the inclusion of advertisements and advertorials in the print edition, as well as links to the client’s website within the digital version of the newspaper.

De Beer said the publication has also paid attention to special focuses and features, which make it possible to target specific industries and satisfy the needs of readers at the same time.

The publication prides itself in its much-loved and anticipated initiative of the year: The Best of Bloemfontein – Bloemfontein Courant Readers’ Choice Awards, De Beer said.

“Best of Bloemfontein is our biggest campaign of the year and we are looking forward to celebrating all the businesses for the campaign’s 12th consecutive year.”

She further said that Bloemfontein Courant is also the newspaper which holds the most weekly inserts, making it a trusted vehicle for all South Africa’s biggest businesses.

De Beer attributed the success of the newspaper to the dedicated support of its clients. “We would like to thank all our clients, new and old, for their long-standing loyalty towards us. Without you we would not be able to deliver 45,000 copies of our newspaper across the city.”

Justine Fortuin