Acting MM addresses protesters at troubled Mangaung Metro

PHOTO: Kekeletso Mosebetsi

The acting Municipal Manager (MM) of the Bloemfontein-based Mangaung Metro says issues raised by the Mangaung Concerned Community (MCC), who once led a total shutdown of the metro, will be fully addressed.

OFM News reports, Sello More says he is supposed to respond to the issues raised by the MCC. He says he received a directive from the mayor, Mxolisi Siyonzana, to respond to some of the issues but not all because most are political issues and require political heads to attend to them. His address comes as scores of residents, aligned to the MCC, have cordoned off the entrance leading to the premises of the metro in a protest march. More says he is going to write a letter and the mayor will officially respond to the demands handed over by the MCC before the end of business on Monday.

“Like I said earlier, these are political issues that you have raised in your memorandum. I think you know the service delivery-related issues – we have been interacting with yourself and all other groups. But because this specific issue is political we have given it to the mayor. I think you guys also marched to the mayor so when I met with him in the morning he asked me to apologise on his behalf that he has not been able to respond at this moment,” he adds.

One of the leaders of the MCC, Donald Constable, previously informed OFM News that they want the mayor to axe the Member of the Mayoral Committee (MMC), Patrick Monyakoane, and the council to be dissolved and an administrator to be appointed.

Wednesday’s protest march at the metro comes months after the shutdown protest was suspended, owing to negotiations between the leadership of the metro and the MCC in June 2021.

More has further told the protesting residents that Mayor Siyonzana won’t be able to respond and address them on Wednesday because he is Thaba Nchu.

“We will respond on Monday via his office. So, we are going to ask you guys to allow services to continue until the mayor has responded officially to your issues because if you continue to close the routes and not allow people to enter the municipal premises, it will also mean that we are unable to fulfill our day-to-day running of the business and commitment to the citizens of the Metro.”

OFM News/Lucky Nkuyane