Abuse of horses a concern in the FS

The visible rib cage of one of the horses showed that it was underfed.

The Bloemfontein Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) recently took in two horses after they had encountered that the horses had been abused by their caretakers. The organisation investigated the matter after an eyewitness had reported the animals being abused. They noticed that the horses had been ridden numerous times for long distances by not one but three people at a time. According to the SPCA, the animals were found very weak and badly injured with wounds on their backs and with visible rib cages as they were so thin.

One of the horses could be seen pulling a heavy load.

“It was clear that the horses were ridden either without saddles or incorrect ones as the wounds were also bleeding,” said the organisation. They were also found pulling heavy materials that included items such as wheelbarrows and sink and heavy poles. “To add more to the load, one of the horses was also pulling a trailer attached to it by two poles. The poor animal was found exhausted and helpless. There was no sign of water the trailer. The horse looked thirsty and was breathing heavily, probably due to the heaviness of the load,” said a statement of the organisation.

The owner of the horses could not be found in the area and no one in the community knew to whom they belonged. The horses were then admitted to the care of the Bfn SPCA.

Pierce van Heerden