Abundance of information for Grasland

From the left are Mr Tlhoriso Mohai (School Principal), Dineo Pomane (RCL President) and Mr Molebatsi Nkotoane (Teacher and Librarian)

The newly built Grasland Secondary School officially opened its library on 12 March 2020. The library has been in existence at since the opening of the school in 2019 but did not have the required materials and resources to make it operational.

Teacher and librarian, Molebatsi Nkotoane, together with CUT Reading Club and Lechabile Camps, teamed up to find books for the library. According to Nkotoane, they did so through their book drive programmes and donations from CUT Library and St Patrick’s College in Kimberley.

The inauguration of the school’s library was attended by staff members together with learners from the school, CUT Reading Club, Lechabile Camps, delegates from the Central University of Technology, authors and publishers, teachers and learners from Monyatsi Primary School and a librarian from Batho Primary School. Nkotoane told Bloemfontein Courant that a library is a fundamental source of knowledge to learners. “It develops the important habits of literacy.

Our learners will benefi t a lot from the library, as our teacher librarian, who started working at the school only by the end of January 2020, has already established Grasland Reading and Debate Club, which will see learners participate. It will also guarantee their intellectual development and provide holistic growth in learning processes as they will be addressing global issues that range from politics, economics, social dynamics and education in general,” said Nkotoane.

He also highlighted that through the establishment of the library, learners will be exposed to an abundance of information. The school offi cially started operating in January 2019 with only 12 teachers, including the principal. According to Nkotoane, the school had only Grade 8 mobile classes, which were located at Grasland Primary School. The new building was unveiled in April 2019 as a new school by the MEC, Dr Tate Makhoe. “In 2020 we started having two grades (Grade 8 and 9). Currently we have 26 teachers, including the principal and two non-teaching staff. In 2021 the school will have its fi rst Grade 10 class and its fi rst matric class in 2023,” said Nkotoane.

Pierce van Heerden