AASD pledges to Mangaung citizens

Pappie Mokoena, leader of The Afrikan Alliance of Social Democrats (AASD). PHOTO: Corn Koteli

The Afrikan Alliance of Social Democrats (AASD) with Pappie Mokoena as party leader, has recently launched a pledge to the citizens of Mangaung. Mokoena explained that the party may be new when it comes to the structure, but the people who have formed the party are old in terms of their experience in the political system.

Mokoena stated that the party stands for the people and for rebuilding Mangaung. “We will launch municipal-wide service delivery improvements through environmental cleanliness with our Livable Hoods Campaign. In addition, the water leakages and sanitation situation will improve. Roads and infrastructure will improve. Pot holes will be fixed,” added Mokoena.

The AASD has an 180-day plan they will focus on should they win the elections. With the 180-day plan they will review the financial position of the municipality and a turnaround strategy for short-term financial stabilization will be followed. Mokoena added that the party will make sure there are affordable and sustainable municipal services tariffs, i.e. electricity and water. In addition, they will review infrastructure projects and accelerate completion, eliminating unspent grants.

“The party will ensure that community participation is focused on youth development and empowerment for effective, inclusive participation,” said Mokoena when asked about how the AASD intended to change the personal lives of the people in the wards won by them. They will also ‘’mobilize neighbourhood structures to fight crime, drugs and GBV’’. They will establish the office of the Ombudsman for resolution of community concerns.

Mokoena explained that the party will put mechanisms in place to report corruption, maladministration in misappropriation of funds. “We will be put into power by the people, so we will be there for the people.” He promised that they will immediately review procurement processes, eliminate corruption and focus on youth empowerment.

He concluded by saying the AASD is ready to govern. “Let’s take back Mangaung and fix the mess.”

Corn Koteli