A sustainable veggie garden for KidzCare Trust

Lehlohonolo Lawrance Motshabi, the community developer of KidzCareTrust, with some of the men helping out with the garden. PHOTO: Corn Koteli

KidzCareTrust, a non-profit organisation located at 113 Kort Street, Roodewal, Bloemfontein, has partnered with the Tseetsano community-based organisation to plant a garden to sustain the organisation.

As the organisation works with children and we need to get food every month, this garden will help us to spend the money we have been using for food on other things,” said Lehlohonolo Lawrance Motshabi, the community developer of KidzCareTrust.

Motshabi decided to join hands with Doctor Makutsoane from Tseetsano as Makutsoane has worked with different organisations to create vegetable gardens. Makutsoane will help KidzCareTrust to create the garden as they have been struggling to grow one for a while.

The garden, which will include spinach, green prepper, carrots, onions and tomatoes, will also help create employment for the youth, as the vegetables will be sold to the community.

The youth will also learn a new fruitful skill – growing their own vegetables. In the future they can open their own places growing and selling vegetables.” Makutsoane has been helping organisations and schools to start their own gardens since 2010 for free, as he wants to share his skill with other people.

This will definitely help create a difference in the community; more children will stay away from the streets and focus on learning a new skill.”

Corn Koteli