A slice of life at Bfn Hospice

Caregiver Nelly Gcwabe and Hanneke Lubbe at the hospice. PHOTO: GYPSEENIA LION

As a beacon of hope and comfort during a patient’s most difficult phase of their life-threatening illness, while recovering, or during their last days, the Bloemfontein Hospice has undergone renovations these past few weeks to ensure that those under their care have a peaceful stay at their facilities.

According to the general manager, Hanneke Lubbe, due to the nature of care the hospice provides, they often need to have difficult conversations with patients and their families about death and life-limiting illnesses that could be very discouraging and dampening.

Having a space that encourages calmness and tranquillity therefore makes the pain of the inevitable easier.

“Often when we see patients, or when patients are referred to us, we are the first ones to have those conversations and we’re probably the group of people who are not afraid to talk about that.

If we want to say that one of our missions and one of our goals is to see how we can give somebody quality of life, until the moment they are not alive, we need to talk about those things and especially address the fears, ”expressed Lubbe.

As renovations have added an extra glimpse of hope, Lubbe added that there are aspects that need attention to add vibrancy and scenery to the holistic services they offer.

“For us that was also important to bring nature into the whole process. It’s amazing to see how they can just stay outside and look at birds, bees or anything.

There is little room for them to sit outside and just look outside.” Lubbe added that the hospice is not a clinical environment, and they try to keep the space more homely.

“They can spend their last days in a dignified, beautiful surrounding. ‘You can be this recipient of loving care, of compassion, of time.’

“That’s the message. ‘You are worth it. You’re not just a patient.’ ” Lubbe mentioned that the Hospice is grateful to everyone who has assisted with donations towards reaching their goal of also starting a garden in the courtyard in order to make use of the space constructively while providing patients with an extra-mural activity, or better scenery during their stay.

If anyone would want to help they can do this by contacting the hospice at 076-912-9490 or info@hospice.co.za.

Gypseenia Lion