A perfect mixture makes a perfect blend

The 29-year-old Kathini Landzela just recently released her first children’s book. PHOTO: Bonolo Moloi

Hoping to build a better understanding among children about mixed cultures, author Kathini Landzela has released a children’s book, titled ‘ Just the perfect blend’.

Having realised her passion for writing at the age of 11, Landzela knew she would grow up to become an author, she just did not know at the time that the book she would come to write, would be so close to her heart.

The idea of writing the book came from seeing her niece shy away behind her little hands to avoid the stares she would constantly get. According to Landzela, “I want her to have a book that would show her how special she is because I know that as she grows up, she will have to deal with a lot of questions and stares, especially when she is with her family. I wanted her to feel good about being a blend of two races.”

The book speaks to children about the uniqueness of mixed heritages. PHOTO: Bonolo Moloi

Publishing her book, however, did not come without any struggle. “Publishing a book does not come cheap. So, a big challenge for me was finding an affordable publisher and illustrator. I also wanted this to be a surprise to my family, so keeping it a secret while saving up the money was a bit of a challenge. But it was all worth it in the end when I received copies of the finished product and was able to surprise my family with it.”

Hoping to keep up the momentum, Landzela has started drafting her second book, directed to older kids dealing with the topic of social anxiety. “This is a topic I wish I would have known more about as a kid. It will take a while to raise enough money but that dream will be realised.”

The book is available in a few bookstores around South Africa and soon, e-books will be made available on Amazon kindle. For direct orders contact Kathinilandzela@gmail.com

Bonolo Moloi