A new milestone for Bfn Healthcare

From the left are Dries Bekker (Director), Annatjie Bekker, Angela Waring (Operational Manager) and Matthew Rantso (Director)

Stirling Healthcare Centre opened its doors with a lavish event and is open for business. The opening was attended by medical doctors, medical representatives as well as nursing managers and administrative staff and took place on Wednesday 22 January 2020.

Present among the guests were the crème de la crème of the city’s medical industry, enjoying the live band performing with their classic instruments and contributing to a relaxed yet tasteful evening.

According to Operational Manager at Stirling Healthcare Centre, Angela Waring, the hospital boasts a 10-bed modern sub-acute as well as a 10-bed modern day hospital together with two operating theatres and one procedure room. “The sub-acute ward as well as the day hospital cater for all medical aid and private patients and also form part of the National Hospital Network. This state-of-the-art hospital is situated in a peaceful, quiet environment and commits to care in abundance for all,” said Waring.

Business mogul Dries Bekker, who is the owner of the hospital, said this is definitely his proudest accomplishment after 27 years in the healthcare environment as this venture has exceeded all his expectations.

The hospital also has one of the biggest green footprints with its tranquil environment, a vegetable-growing garden and impressive solar investment.

For more information, contact Angela at 081-581-8958 during office hours or via e-mail at stirlinghealth3@gmail.com.