A concert to celebrate Madiba

Moeketsi Masiu, Jwalane Mehloane, Hlokomeng Moeketse and Mpho Makateng. PHOTO: LEBAKENG NKABI

A well-organised choral music festival was recently held at Botshabelo H section’s Setjhaba se Maketse Combined School Hall in celebration of Nelson Mandela’s 100- year legacy. The main message of the gathering was making the youth aware of taking charge of their lives.
The event was organised by the Rearabetswe Choral Society. Young and elderly people from around Botshabelo area came in their numbers. The president of Rearabetswe Choral Society told Voice that they are a non-profit organisation consisting of different young people from other choirs in Botshabelo.
“We came here today to celebrate 100 years of Nelson Mandela’s legacy. We chose to celebrate by means of a choral music festival because of the passion we have for clap-and-tap choral music. We also wanted to collect sanitary towels so that we could donate them to different schools in Botshabelo sometime this year. This was a fun filled day and we are grateful for the support we received from our community members.”
He added, “This our way to show young people that there is life in choral music. We have seen that many of our young people have chosen to do crime simply because they don’t have something to do after school. They can join the choral society and become part of our organisation.
“The event was a success even though the attendance was not what we expected. God has given us strength to make a success of it and the only challenge we as choral musicians are facing is the lack of venues, like a hall which we can use to host festivals of this nature. Many of our people don’t understand the choral music we are performing and by attending, they will be able to learn more about it.”
The choirs that attended were Mavolours Choral, the Rearabetswe Choral Society and Serenity Choir, just to name a few.