A book ‘to help shape the next society’

Author of the book, Sit on it till it hatches, Kagiso Mmolaeng.

“I inspire people to rise and become all they were meant to be.” These are the words of Kagiso Mmolaeng, professional author, inspirational speaker and entrepreneur, who recently published his third book titled Sit on it till it hatches.

According to Mmolaeng, the aim of the book is to encourage somebody out there who, in the face of opposition, has had to give up and walk away from something that really mattered to him. “It’s about picking up from where you left off and completing life tasks. It is about finishing the good thing that you have started in life,” said Mmolaeng.

“The book is to a large extent about the 22-year journey, from conception of the dream to its realisation, I went through to obtain my Bachelor of Law degree. It is about never giving up in life, no matter how long it takes,” said Mmolaeng.

According to Mmolaeng, the book and message resonates with learners/students and teachers, parents and children. “For all people, young and old, who are believing God to do something for them which does not seem to be forthcoming. It is also for people who have given up on something that really matters to them,” said Mmolaeng.

The 37-year-old started his writing career as a result of a selfless act by his sister. “Quite frankly, this was not intentional. I was inspired by my sister who sacrificed her own dream so that my dream of earning a law degree became a reality.

I only realised after obtaining my degree that I needed to say and document something about this journey, something which will outlast me. It was my appreciation of the journey that birthed a writer in me, something I didn’t even know existed,” said Mmolaeng.

To get a copy of the book, contact 072-453-3096.