80 000 drivers screened for alcohol in festive season


Close to 1000 drivers have been arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol since the start of the festive period.

Alcohol abuse is a major contributing factor in road collisions and law enforcement officers have paid a special focus on this and other factors such as speed and vehicle roadworthiness in an effort to reduce the numbers of people dying on the roads.

More than 80 000 drivers have been screened for alcohol since the start of the festive season road safety campaign and more than 380 000 vehicles have been stopped and checked in various roadblocks set up to improve safety and manage factors that lead to road collisions

Thirty three drivers have been arrested for driving at excessive speeds. One motorist was arrested on the N8 yesterday afternoon driving at 191 km an hour in a 100 km an zone. Another was caught driving at 199km an hour on the N3 near Warden.

More than 800 vehicles were declared unroadworthy and their license discs were removed. These vehicles cannot be operated until the owners have fixed all the defects and taken the vehicles for the testing stations to have re-tested and declared roadworthy. 

More than 1 000 vehicles were impounded and owners are obliged to pay fines of up to R15,000 to have them returned. These are mostly public transport vehicles were found to be operating without the necessary permits.

The RTMC reiterates a call to motorists to respect the rules of the road. Everyone has a responsibility to assist the country to reduce the number of people dying in road crashes. Road crashes are avoidable and can be prevented if all road users played their part by remaining cautious and alert at all times.

The Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC)