Elections: Battle heats up


With less than a week left before the national elections on Wednesday 8 May, election fever is running high. Bloemfontein Courant’s NOMAQHAWE MTEBELE asked the five biggest parties in the Mangaung Metro what it is they have to offer to voters of the City of Roses. Only three responded, and here is their response:

We get things done, says DA

On 8 May, you have the power to bring change, vote against corruption and stop the ANC & EFF coalition from taking what belongs to you through corruption.
In 2016, millions of South Africans used their power to vote the DA into government in South Africa’s largest cities. And we have shown that where we govern, we get things done. We’re working hard to fix over 20 years of damage done to our cities. We are fighting corruption, creating jobs and improving service delivery every day. We are delivering honest government that puts the people first.

The ANC & EFF cannot be allowed to get a two-thirds majority in Parliament. If they do, they will be able to change the Constitution so that they can take your land.
Only the DA is big enough to stop this theft.
Only the DA can bring change that keeps the lights on, fights corruption, locks up the criminals and speeds up service delivery.
We can bring change on 8 May, but only if every single opposition voter unites behind the DA and turns out to vote to stop the ANC & EFF.
Bring change that builds One South Africa for All!

Bou eerder as om te herverdeel, sê VF Plus

Die uitgangspunt van die huidige regering om te poog om armoede te verlig en welvaart te skep deur welvaart te verdeel, sal nooit slaag nie.
As gevolg van die gepaardgaande beleidsrigtings vind ekonomiese groei nie plaas nie en neem armoede en werkloosheid toe. Regstellende aksie laat ‘n omvattende spoor van ekonomiese vernietiging.

Die VF Plus is die enigste party wat teen die nuwe strenger wetgewing vir swart ekonomiese bemagtiging en regstellende aksie gestem het.
Velkleur kan nie gebruik word as ‘n veralgemeende aanduiding van minderbevoorregting nie en daarom staan die VF Plus ‘n stelsel voor waar velkleur nie as ‘n voorwaarde vir bemagtiging geld nie.

Sosio-ekonomiese omstandighede soos armoede, werkloosheid en ‘n gebrek aan toegang tot gehalte-onderwys moet eerder die grondslag vir bemagtiging wees.
Bemagtiging moet deur ontwikkeling en groei geskied. Ekonomiese groei moet bewerkstellig word deur ‘n gunstige omgewing vir die privaat sektor daar te stel om werksgeleenthede te skep.

Die VF Plus sê: verminder die brandstofheffing, skaf die padongelukfonds af, pas tariewe en heffings afwaarts aan en verlaag persoonlike en maatskappybelasting. Die regering moet belasting verdien, nie slegs opeis nie.

‘n Stem vir die VF Plus is ‘n stem vir ‘n nuwe bedeling van gelyke geleenthede vir almal.

EFF’s focus is on land and jobs

The year 2019 marks exactly 25 years since the attainment of political freedom in South Africa. As observed in the Founding Manifesto of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), political freedom in South Africa has hardly translated into observable economic emancipation. Black people remain landless, they remain on the margins of economic production and outside of life-enhancing economic participation.

The majority of those that participate in the economy do so as suppliers of cheap and easily disposable labour.
Landlessness and joblessness among black South Africans are at crisis levels, posing the biggest challenges that confront South African society today.

While focusing on clear, implementable and decisive programmes for all spheres of governance, the EFF’s emphasis for the 2019 general elections will be on land and jobs.
The emphasis on land derives from the fact that 25 years since the attainment political freedom, 80% of the population continues to occupy less than 10% of South Africa’s land.
The emphasis on jobs is motivated by the sad reality that after 25 years of attempts at addressing the matter, more than seven million capable South Africans who need jobs are unemployed.

The EFF is committed to a programme of action and a clearly articulated plan to govern on behalf of the people. These are not empty promises. They are clear commitments that will be realised under the decisive and capable leadership of the EFF.