Miss Capable defying pageant norms

Directors of the Miss Capable pageant, Dipalesa Mbola and Pitchov Kumwimba-Ngombe. PHOTO: NOMAQHAWE MTEBELE

Gone are the days when qualifying for any pageant meant being of a certain weight, height or age. Miss Capable is one of the pageants that challenges beauty pageant norms that can be restrictive to those who wish to enter them.

The founders of the Dipalesa Pitchov Foundation, Dipalesa Mbola and Pitchov Kumwimba-Ngombe, have created a platform through the Miss Capable pageant which is aimed at differently-abled ladies. The pageant, which is in its first year, will be held in association with the Mangaung Metro Municipality.

The first round of auditions were held on 23 September and more auditions are set to take place to reach even more people. “People living with disabilities are not really looked after in our communities so we wanted to come up with something where we create an awareness about their capabilities,” said Kumwimba-Ngombe. There is no age, weight or height restriction for those who wish to enter the pageant. Potential contestants can have any marital status and having any dependents or not will not count against them.

“We are looking for women who have lived with their disabilities and are overcoming their obstacles. Women who want to share their stories and inspire other women who might be struggling with living with any disability they might have,” Mbola shared.

The Miss Capable directors aim to find an ambassador who will stand up for those who are often ostracised by their community and society as a whole for being “different”. The necessary provisions will be made for the contestants in terms of accessibility, but the ladies will be not be treated any differently than ladies who are able bodied. – Molebogeng Malebo