37 songs for R37 000 in cash!


This year OFM celebrates 37 years with a bang by giving their listeners a chance to win R37 000 in cash. The 37 is a unique opportunity for OFM’s listeners to correctly identify, in order, a montage of 37 songs.

“One of the most popular radio competition mechanics is called the ‘10 second challenge’ which is a montage of 10 songs in 10 seconds and there is usually a major prize up for grabs,” said OFM Content Manager Elzette Boucher-Krüger.

She added that OFM was looking to do something exciting for its 37th birthday. “We decided to take on the challenge of making the 10 second challenge work with 37 songs. The montage gives an idea of what the song might be and we hope that our listeners can actually sit down and figure it out. The more you listen, the more you’ll start recognising familiar songs,” she said. She advised that listeners should also keep an eye on all OFM platforms for some important clues.

According to OFM Programme Manager, Tim Thabethe, the montage of 37 songs actually lasts 25 seconds. “This is an exciting competition that quizzes your musical knowledge. We often talk about surprise and delight, but you have to admit that there is an element of frustration with that. It’s the frustration of knowing what you’re hearing but not being able to put your finger on it. This is exactly how the montage was set up. Every time someone listens to it, they’ll hear something new. Good luck identifying the songs,” said Thabethe.

Entries open on 10 August and audio of the montage will be made available online on Wednesday 16 August.

The competition works as follows: The first 100% correct entry received will be awarded the prize. Should there be no 100% correct entry, a dividend corresponding to the number of correct songs (in order) will be paid out. Each song is worth R1000. Only one entry, and the first entry submitted, per participant, will be considered.

The winner will be announced on the Good Morning Breakfast (weekdays, 06:00 – 09:00) on 30 August followed by a playout of all 37 of the songs featured in the montage. Entries close at midnight on Sunday 27 August.

Enter here: www.ofm.co.za/Competitions/ThirtysevenCompetition

Justine Fortuin