Education activist says #FMF2016 participants should be allowed to register

#FeesMustFall protests at the University of the Free State (UFS) in October 2016. File photo: Mark Steenbok

Education Activist, Hendrick Makaneta, appealed to institutions of higher learning to allow students who took part in the 2016 #FeesMustFall protests to register for the academic year 2017.

Makaneta believes that there are institutions which have a hidden agenda to victimize students who took part in the 2016 nationwide protests particularly student leaders.

He hailed the 2016 fees must fall leaders for leading student battles at the most challenging period in the history of higher education.

“You are the generation who have suffered the most under the brutal system of capitalism. Your names will be engraved in the stamp of free quality higher education” Makaneta said.

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He said the increase of NSFAS to R15.2 Billion was welcome. He appealed to student leaders to work around the clock to ensure that students from poor backgrounds are admitted in their large numbers throughout the terrain of higher education.

Makaneta also cautioned universities not to use the National Benchmark Tests to exclude students from rural and township schools. No academically deserving student should be excluded unfairly because of the results of the NBT.

“Historically white institutions such as the University of Pretoria, Wits University and others must work with progressive student organizations to assist NSFAS students without sending them from pillar to post”

It is very disturbing that some of the students were expected to pay exorbitant registration fees even though they are NSFAS beneficiaries.

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Some of the institutions forced students to pay registration fees on the grounds that they have not received confirmation letters from NSFAS.

All NSFAS students who have already paid registration fees should be refunded as soon as they submit confirmation letters.

Statement issued