Man dies in hospital after a beating by prison wardens

Warrant Officer Hein Kruger and Warrant Officer Lesole Monye showing the cartridges that were found at the scene at Virginia Correctional Services. Photo: Supplied

A Meloding man died in hospital on Thursday after he was allegedly beat by two Virginia Correctional Services two prison wardens.

According to the South African Police Service (SAPS) the incident occurred on at around 00:30 on Thursday 1 December.

In a statement published this afternoon the SAPS says police were called to the scene at about 01:30 at the correctional centre and on arrival at the gate they found prison wardens with a male person inside a mini-bus.

According to the police members on the scene the male person looked injured on the body. An ambulance was called to the scene and the victim was taken to the local hospital. He died at the hospital while medical practitioners were working on him.

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It was reported that before the police could be called to the scene, two warders were patrolling as a routine duty due to the fact that there are previous reports of house breaking at the single quarters which are situated further from the main correctional center.

That is when a man was seen by the two warders in a suspicious position of trying to break into one of the houses at the centre’s single suarters at the above mentioned time. It is alleged that he was standing near the window of a house.

The two warders tried to catch him and he ran away.  They allegedly fired warning shots to stop him, which he did.

They caught and took him to one of the halls in the vicinity where it looks like he was beaten up.

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A mini-bus was used to take the suspect to the gate where he was handed over to the ambulance.

The prison warders’ intention was to arrest the suspect for attempted house breaking.

At the crime scene the police investigators found four empty cartridges near the hall where the suspect was held.

A case of murder was opened for further investigation by Virginia SAPS.  A postmortem will be conducted in order to determine the cause of death.

The fate of the two warders involved aged 27 and 29, will be known as investigation continues. The deceased was a parolee who was under supervision for a house breaking case in Virginia.

Statement issued by the Free State SAPS