3 Municipal buildings burnt down in Theunissen


Duane Petrus – Striking residents in Theunissen burnt down three municipal buildings last night during a protest that has been ongoing for two weeks.
The residents are complaining that the Beatrix gold mine in the town does not employ enough locals.
Police spokesperson, Ian Gaobepe, says the arson attack took place after a meeting was held between the protesters and the Masilonyane Local Municipality’s manager.
Gaobepe says residents got violent during this meeting as well.
One building in the town as well as a community hall and another municipal building in the Masilo township were burnt down.
No arrests have been made yet.
Gaobepe says the situation is currently under control, but remains volatile.
"There is still fear because some roads are still barricaded with rocks and we don’t know at this stage if the situation will turn violent again," he said.