25 years imprisonment for child rapist


A 53-year-old man was entrusted with a child to protect. However, he tortured and humiliated the 6-year-old.

On Wednesday, 2 October 2013, Freck Melato from Springfontien was charged and sentenced to 25 years imprisonment for rape of a minor by the Bloemfontein Sexual Offences court.

According to the police records on 16 December 2012 the suspect was driving along with the victim uncle when the uncle’s motorbike ran out of petrol near Prier Farm on the gravel road just about three kilos from Springfontein.

The uncle then left his niece in the care of his friend to go look for help, so that they could continue with their trip.

Luckily the farm owner agreed to help. Upon arrival at the scene, the farm owner states, he saw the suspect lying on his stomach, on top of a something while small feet and opened thighs were facing upwards. We rushed to the place and the suspect got up and put  his trousers back on, while the little girl lay on the ground crying. The farmer called the police immediately.

The suspect was arrested on the same day; thanks to the members Shift A from Springfontien Police Station Shift and Detective Constable Isaac Ntsepe of the Trompsburg FCS. Justice has been served.

Issued by: Trompsburg Corporate Communication Services