25-year-old missing after stabbing incident

Anthony Morgan

In the early hours of Sunday morning a quarrel led to the stabbing of 25-year-old Anthony (Taks) Morgan. After being rushed to Pelonomi by a friend and a by passer, Morgan has disappeared without a trace and hospitals have no record of Morgan being admitted.

In an exclusive interview with Bloemfontein Courant, the friend that accompanied Morgan to the Hospital said they waited for a while to be assisted at the hospital before Morgan was taken in with a stretcher and the friend returned home. According to a family member, Patricia Morgan-Mashale, Morgan was chased by a group of boys who are known to the family. He was later stabbed at the Island in Heidedal with knives and other sharp objects. Patricia said the quarrel might have been over an “oka pipe”, also known as a Hookah.

According to an eyewitness who was at the Island and who wants to remain anonymous, Morgan was stabbed numerous times with a piece of devil’s fork. A missing person’s report has been opened this morning at the Heidedal Police station and no suspects have been arrested yet.

The family has since contacted different hospitals around the city but couldn’t find any record of Morgan. If anyone has seen him or know his whereabouts, contact Patricia at 079-974-0195.

Pierce van Heerden