#16DaysofActivism: FS municipality appeals to communities


With the 16 Days of Activism against women and children abuse campaign drawing to an end, the Moqhaka Municipality in the Free State is calling on communities to join hands in the fight against gender based violence.

OFM News reports that the municipality serving the communities of Kroonstad, Renovaal, Steynsrus, Vierfontein, and Viljoenskroon is calling on members of the public to come out in numbers on Reconciliation Day on 16 December to join a march aimed at raising awareness about women and children abuse.

The Municipality says the march, expected to be led my mayor Mpho Chakane and a number of public figures, is to draw attention to the needs of women and children and how there remains a high need to protect them from perpetrators.

Municipal spokesperson Dika Kheswa says the march will also highlight the need to end racism and racial tensions in the area.