Zimbabwean national meeting to be held today


This afternoon the Zimbabwean Minister of Finance, Minister of Public Service and the Reserve Bank Governor will hold talks with regard to civil servants and pensioners’ money that was supposed to be paid today. Following a two-day national shutdown of schools and hospitals last week, the government of Zimbabwe promised to make payment of some civil servants’ salaries and pensioners’ money on the 19th of July 2016, but no payments have been made.  According to a Zimbabwean government official who asked to be anonymous in fear of victimisation, government workers are threatening to protest if the government does not come up with solutions this afternoon. “No civil servant has been paid for the month of July, pensioners have also not received their government allowance. The government is bankrupt, and workers are dismantled. The situation is bad”. At the moment Zimbabweans are demonstrating peacefully, awaiting the results of the meeting. – Katleho Morapela