World Diabetes: MEC and President Jacob Zuma’s wife in Bloemfontein


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After the walk, members of the surrounding community areas were invited to activities aimed at improving their health and life status. These activities included testing for HIV/Aids, diabetes, TB and other diseases.

The department came well equipped with its legion of mobile clinic vehicles to accommodate the masses. The first lady and MEC also visited some families from surrounding areas who were unable to make it at their homes.

The department also used the opportunity to inform attendees of their other programmes, while the Bongi-Ngema Zuma Foundation focused more on diabetes as a treatable disease.

The Bongi-Ngema Zuma foundation was founded in 2010 and aims to address issues including health issues of underprivileged communities – with a special focus on diabetes. World Diabetes Day will be on 14 November 2016. Casino barcelona moncho Bloemfontein Courant/Pulane Choane


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Photos: Pulane Choane