Winter clothing handed out to 50 learners

About 50 identified learners from disadvantaged families, accompanied by their parents and teachers, received winter packages at the Mangaung Police Station's conference room at Phahameng Location in Bloemfontein.

With the unreliable and predicted cold weather conditions in the province and the City of Roses, gifts of warm clothing couldn’t have come at a better time.
Last Tuesday (26 July) the Mangaung Police Station’s conference room at Phahameng Location, Bloemfontein, was filled with about 50 identified learners from disadvantaged families, accompanied by their parents and teachers, to receive their winter packages.
Among those who graced the event were the Mangaung Cluster Commander, Major-General Solly Lesia, the Station Commander, Brigadier Winnie Mokalake, and the Mangaung Station Management.
According to one of the organisers, the Community Policing Officer, Sergeant Precia Mgogodlana, noticed that most kids didn’t have warm school uniforms or even shoes as she visited the schools around Mangaung, thus the idea to embark on a project to assist the learners came up.
Three schools with the most needs were identified, Legae and Maboloka Primary School and Pholoho Special School, and thanks to the good-hearted local business, Ramothello and Tsotetsi Incorporated’s donation, 50 learners were bought brand-new school shoes and tracksuits, gloves and beanies.
The Station Commander, Brigadier Mokalake, said by ensuring that the children were safe and taken care of, the police, parents and teachers will be assisted in the future. These children will grow up to also do good.
She encouraged parents to refrain from scaring the children about the police when they did something bad, because the police were there to protect them as children.
A representative of Legae’s principal, Amos Mlonyeni, said that they as teachers are happy that they are not alone in the challenges they face daily. “It is good to know that the police are with us and they are our friends. Today has been a remarkable day for all of us,” Mlonyeni said.