WATCH: Woman weeps as Joburg flash floods drive off with her car

Flash floods wreaked havoc in Johannesburg late last year. File photo: Facebook

Johannesburg was hit by massive flash floods on Wednesday. Hundreds of people were left stranded on highways as some roads were immensely flooded.

One Joburg woman wept as her car was washed away. In the video she is screaming and crying as she haplessly watches on as the car is driven off by the floods.

The people standing next to her are heard asking if there is someone in the car.


According to News24, at least one person has drowned and seven people are believed to be missing after their vehicles washed away.

Images that certain parts of the O.R Tambo International Airport were also flooded emerged on social media.

In other areas Joburgers helped each other to get out of their cars and on to the safety of the flood banks on the highways.


Bloemfontein has had its fair share of bad weather in recent weeks, with hail storms and dust storms wreaking havoc over unsuspecting residents.

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