WATCH: Potch cop serenades social media users in viral video

Warrant Officer Dawie Williams’ short rendition of Count Your Blessings received widespread love with the video receiving over 84 000 views to date and over 2 700 shares as well. Photo: Facebook.

Williams, who is also a pastor at Kingdom Life Centre, told Courant he was surprised by the attention the video has received.

“People are always just looking for some good news, whether you like it or not. Every one of us has gone through an emotional dip in the past year, but having food on my table, clothes on my back and a roof over my head are basic blessings which I should be thankful for,” he says.

He says he is in love with music and singing is just something he does a lot- even before he preaches. Williams did something differently to his daily routine of posting inspirational messages because people were asking him why he hadn’t posted anything on that specific day.

“Normally if you check my Facebook page, I put up a devotional message just to encourage people for the day. It so happened that on that specific day I didn’t have time. I was late and I immediately just sang something that might help comfort them. I got to the office, recorded the song and posted it on my wall,” he added.

Hundreds of people have shown appreciation by thanking him for his amazing message, with some even requesting that he come sing at their Christmas parties.

Williams, who has been a Chaplain with the police for over nine years, said he’s received messages from as far as the United States. He’s a wellness worker and deals with reactive and proactive programmes by doing counseling and trauma debriefing as well. Casinoroomcasino livescore 247 mahjong tiles Moeketsi Mogotsi/Courant News