Unyati Distinguished Wildlife joins forces with GWK

A partnership between GWK and Unyati Distinguished Wildlife as recently announced for Unyati Distinguished Wildlife 2017 Auction. Here are at the back, Willie Meyer (GWK: Head of Auctions), Jaco Troskie (Unyati Distinguished Wildlife: Founder and CEO), Wilna Richter (GWK: Client Service Manager), Neil Rex (New Wycombe: Owner), Sarel Cilliers (GWK: Business Head Auctions North). In front are Magriet Groenewald (Unyati Distinguished Wildlife: Marketing Manager), Ben van der Westhuizen (Unyati Distinguished Wildlife: CFO) and Ashley Regal (Unyati Distinguished Wildlife: PA) at the announcement.

Unyati Distinguished Wildlife and GWK recently announced they will be joining forces in hosting the renowned Unyati Distinguished Wildlife 2017 Auction. The auction, which is taking place on 20 May 2017 at Unyati’s newly developed auction venue near Kimberley in the Northern Cape province, will boast genetics from guest sellers Neil Rex (New Wycombe) and Paul Neethling (Langberg).
Unyati was established by nature enthusiast and passionate game farmer, Jaco Troskie, early in 2007. The property lies on prime bush and lush grasslands in the Northern Cape and Free State provinces. Unyati is known for its pure bloodline breeding and genetic diversity in wildlife species. Troskie’s love for wildlife and nature inspires the deep desire to build a legacy for future generations to inherit. He believes in pushing the boundaries of innovation, optimally impacting the wildlife industry by breeding legendary genetics.
GWK’s innovation, passion and its commitment to becoming a leading player in the wildlife arena, convinced Troskie to partner with GWK as the preferred auction house. “I believe in taking hands with a company that shares my vision and passion in becoming a pioneer in the game industry. GWK undoubtedly surpassed all expectations,” says Troskie.
GWK follows a structured approach that includes financing options, event management and marketing support. GWK is an innovative leader in the agricultural, trade and retail industries with more than 50 years of experience and is always discovering new and better ways to do business in order to move the boundaries of agriculture. This philosophy will also be applied in the wildlife industry.
Willie Meyer, head of GWK Auctions, says GWK is excited about this opportunity and is looking forward to the journey with Troskie and Unyati. “We want to reassure the game industry of our utmost commitment to become one of the leading role players in the industry.”