UFS to use CCTV footage to find culprit of stabbing incident 

Image: supplied

Lacea Loader, spokesperson for the University of the Free State said that the university is using its CCTV footage to track the culprit who stabbed a student in the bathroom this morning.

Loader said that the university is working with Protection Services and the South African Police Services with great urgency in making sure that the culprit is caught.

Loader also confirmed that this incident has caused the university to tighten security measures on the campus to protect students who are still writing exams.

While Loader was unable to provide us with a name of the student, she did confirm that the victim, who sustained injuries to her back, is in a stable condition at Medicinic Bloemfontein.

The incident took place around 05:00 this morning at Marula senior residence in Bloemfontein and no arrests have been made so far.

Pulane Choane/Courant News