UFS doing too little to control protests-AfriForum Youth

UFS students gathered at the main entrance of the campus. PHOTO: Earl Coetzee

AfriForum Youth requested in writing that the University of the Free State (UFS) urgently take the necessary precautions so that all academic activities can resume peacefully.

This follows after the UFS closed their Bloemfontein and South campuses due to protests over university fees.

AfriForum Youth is of the opinion that, by failing to act, universities allow protesters to disturb academic activities.

“When there is insufficient security and policing during protests on campuses themselves, protesters have the power to disrupt academic activities and run amok. Stricter measures must be put in place on campuses to limit protesters and keep protests under control. Stricter action must also be taken against protesters causing disruption, inciting violence or damaging property,” says Reon Pienaar, AfriForum Youth’s Presidential Candidate for the Student Representative Council.

According to Chantelle du Preez, Chairperson of the AfriForum Youth Kovsies branch, the UFS management must ensure that the South African Police Service (SAPS) is present on campus and that protesting students who are acting unlawfully be arrested. “It is not sufficient to let the SAPS merely stand outside the gates of the campus. Rebellious students were also allowed to enter the campus and was only escorted by a few security officials.”

Du Preez continues to add that the halting of academic activities deprives all paying, nonstriking students of their right to education.

Statement Issued by the AfriForum Youth