Two crew members die as ambulance overturns enroute Bloemfontein

The sad image of the ambulance that took the lives of two it’s crew members when it overturned. Image: Supplied

The two crew members of Buthelezi Emergency Medical Services were declared dead on scene where it is reported the ambulance rolled off the road in an accident.

According to Reuben Ruiters, Emergency Medical Services spokesperson, the ambulance rolled several times before it left the road way on the N1 north at about 30 km away from Bloemfontein.

Ruiters said: “We are still on scene and we what is can is that the vehicle seems to have lost control, as to why, we don’t know. It overturned and rolled a couple of times and both crews of the ambulance, males, passed on. The patient that was in the ambulance, transported from Heilbron to Pelonomi is still in a stable condition.”

The patient was transferred to Pelonomi hospital with private ambulances and suffered no fractures or lacerations.

The cause of the accident is not yet known. The traffic police will further issue statements on the matter.

Pulane Choane/Bloemfontein Courant