Transport Department warns road users as end of year approaches

Drivers and pedestrians are encouraged to obey the rules of the road at all times.

The Department of Police , Roads and Transport in the Free State anticipates high traffic  volume  as most people will be travelling home to meet loved ones to celebrate the end of 2016.

The department issues a strong warning to all road users:  taxi drivers, bus drivers, truck drivers, commuters, pedestrians and livestock (cattle, sheep and goats) owners to respect and observe rules of the road and show professional behaviour on our roads.

Members of the communities have been urged to take note of the following tips while travelling.

  • Over speeding will not be allowed, drivers must keep to the speed limit of the road,
  • Do not over take on white solid lines
  • After 200km of driving, drivers must rest to avoid fatigue,
  • Please keep a reasonable following distance
  • No driver will be allowed to drive without valid documentation; vehicles will be impounded,
  • Drivers and passengers must always buckle-up,
  • Before embarking on a journey drivers must check the road worthiness of the vehicles,
  • Drivers of trucks, buses and taxis must avoid transporting commuters at night,
  • Truck drivers must use truck-stops to park trucks,
  • Trucks and bus operators must ensure that there are two drivers to assist one another,
  • Jay-walkers must wear reflective clothing at night and avoid walking near or on the road.

The department warns all road users that  traffic officers and police officials will be in full force on the roads doing roadblocks, stop and searches, moving violations check-up and speed operations .

The department says those who violate the rules of the road, will experience the mighty hand of the law and arrests will be effected with no mercy.

Statement issued