Tourism will bloom as Parys hosts the inaugural Madeira Flower Festival

MEC Sam Mashinini. Photo by Katleho Morapela

Parys in the Free State today hosts the inaugural Madeira Flower Festival Forum. This comes after a joint venture between the provincial government and Portugal.

According to the Former MEC of the Department of Economic Development, Tourism, Environmental Affairs & Small Business (Destea), Sam Mashinini, the Free State Flower Festival Forum has brought together industry experts and entrepreneurs to boost the tourism industry.

Mashinini mentions that tomorrow the department will embark on a parade with crafters and environmentalists to showcase different flowers. He says the festival is also aimed at opening a flea market to ensure that crafters also grow their businesses.

“The executive council has decided that this festival is going to be an annual event, similar to Macufe. We should remember that Macufe attracts more tourists to the province. This festival also seeks to attract more tourists to the Free State” he says.

Mashinini mentions that although some people will wonder why the festival is not hosted in Bloemfontein, known as the ‘city of roses’, the festival is aimed at increasing tourists to small towns in the province.

He says they are working towards making it a world class festival which will contribute to job creation in the province.

Mashinini says the Free State Flower Festival is destined to become a highly anticipated feature on the province’s annual calendar, similar to how Macufe and other provincial events draw attention to the Free State.

He says they aim for this event to not only attract nature lovers, but everyone with the potential to contribute to the province’s economic development. Mashinini adds that this festival is aimed at expanding economic development to other areas of the province.

Katleho Morapela/ Courant News