Thaba Nchu youth give back to their own community

Thaba Nchu youth have taken it upon themselves to give back to their community.

Whenever Obakeng Nyokong and Molebogeng Mochumi would go home for the December holidays, they would notice that life had not improved for many in their community. Having grown up in Thaba Nchu, Nyokong says when they come home for the holidays, they would get together as friends and discuss how, even though they don’t have much, they are lucky to have what they have. With many young, educated individuals leaving small towns to go build careers in big cities, the only time they would get to see each other is when they come home for the longer December holidays.
In 2011 Nyokong and Mochumi decided to start a charity drive to try and help improve the community that raised them. Along with two other friends, who have since left, they started the Gotta Give Back Charity Drive. “The only time that we would all be together was in December when were are home, and we thought, why not during that month or at least that time of festivities and giving, we just try to put something together that would help put a smile on people’s faces,” says Nyokong.
Celebrating its sixth year in existence, the Gotta Give Back Charity Drive is an initiative which aims to improve the lives of Thaba Nchu families by providing them with groceries, clothing and shoes. Nyokong says they work with the international NGO, World Vision, which has a presence in Thaba Nchu, to help identify the families in need.
Each year five to six families are chosen as beneficiaries of the drive. Corporations and individuals in and around the Thaba Nchu area donate non-perishable groceries, clothing that is still in good condition, and sometimes even school uniforms and stationery.
This year, the Gotta Give Back volunteers will gather at the open area opposite Lethabong in Selosesha, on the 26th of December 2016. Starting at 08:00 they will then begin to pack the donations according to the chosen family’s needs. At about 12:30, the volunteers will start driving to each family’s home to give them their gift. Nyokong says anyone is welcome to either bring in their donation or to help pack and deliver the parcels to the families.
“We load all the things going to the families into cars, and then all drive together. We spend about 10 minutes offloading the packages from cars at each specific home. We’ve been lucky over the years as people will come with their vans to help make the deliveries go smoother, and it also means more volunteers can partake in the drive to the various families,” she adds.
Nyokong says the ability for the youth of Thaba Nchu to come together and improve a fellow residents life is always heart-warming, and they look forward to it yearly. – Seithati Semenokane