Teens’ murderers still at large


Botshabelo residents are still shocked following the gruesome double murder of two teen friends. Their bloodied bodies were discovered dumped in a secluded area.
They were often seen together even though they went to separate schools. On the dreadful night of their death, they were also together. The incident happened on Friday night at K-Section in Botshabelo. It’s alleged that Tumisang Lengau (17) went to support Thato Salemane (18), who was grieving for her deceased sister.


Tumisang Lengau
Thato Salemane

The two teens were very close and according Dipuo Mahabuke (20), Lengau’s cousin, she learned that shortly before midnight both victims left the night vigil to attend to an errand at the church. Unaware of the danger lurking, they allegedly left in the company of a disabled friend.
Mahabuke told Voice that after leaving the church, Salemane’s ex-boyfriend came out of nowhere and demanded that she leave with him. Realising that her friend might be in danger, Lengau followed her. From there, it’s not clear what had happened.
Later on mourners were shocked when their disabled friend came back alone.
When he was asked the whereabouts of Lengau and Salemane, he failed to explain. Mahabuke said on Saturday morning they learned about the gruesome murder of the two friends from a community member. “We rushed to the scene and managed to identify Tumisang and Thato even though they were both in a bad state,” she said.
According to Colonel Thandi Mbambo, police learned that the victims went to a local tavern to buy cigarettes. “That was the last time they were seen alive,” she said.
On Saturday morning, their half-naked bodies were discovered by factory workers who were on their way to work. “Both deceased girls had multiple stab wounds to the upper body and the position they were found in, indicates that they might also have been raped,” said Mbambo.
She said few people were taken in for questioning, but so far no arrests have been made.
Mbambo added that the case had been handed over to the Provincial Trio task team which investigates serious crimes in the province. Anyone with information can contact Detective Constable Buza Monyaki at 078-265-0205 or Crime Stop at 086-001-0111.

 Matseko Ramotekoa