Students urged to pursue scarce skills occupations

North West University’s Vice Chancellor, Dan Kgwadi. Photo Supplied.

High youth unemployment rate should not prohibit prospective students from pursing tertiary education. This is according to the North West University’s Vice Chancellor, Dan Kgwadi.

He says although the youth are faced with numerous socio- economic challenges they should always consider the prospects of obtaining an academic qualification. Kgwadi advises students to measure the country’s skill shortage against careers they pursue.

“The issue regarding employment should not start at the end of your degree. It must start at the career advice level. I must indicate that it is quite clear that when some students come to universities, some of them have not been through proper career advice and have not been orientated”. Kgwadi says what sometimes adds to the problem is that some students choose to pursue certain degrees without understanding the value they would add to the country’s skills shortage and economic growth.

He urges unemployed graduates to consider entrepreneurship.

Katleho Morapela/ Courant News