Spoil your ears with the sounds of Trio Neuklang

The members of Trio Neuklang

Nikolaj Abramson, Jan Jachmann and Arthur Hornig are not the most skilled of writers. Aware of their shortcomings, they decided to let a charming as well as eloquent journalist describe their trio. The text that resulted, was adorned with phrases such as, “The extravagant original arrangements combine musical genres and eras that were previously stylistically separate, letting old familiar sounds sound new”, and “The unique instrumentation creates a versatile sound that alternates between the precision of chamber music and the breadth of a symphony orchestra”.

Not that this isn’t true, but these compliments made the three musicians blush to such an extent that they decided they would rather write the text themselves. However, they realised that their world of music in which Mozart’s Eine Kleine Nachtmusik sounds like a tango, Beethoven’s symphonies become jazz standards, and contemporary music appears well-tempered, is better described with their music than with words.

By founding this new trio, the three musicians have set themselves the objective of bringing a different musical experience to the concert hall, linking familiar music with new sounds and bringing with it a renewed sense of excitement. To achieve this objective, they work with well-known contemporary composers and arrange their compositions themselves.

As a reward for its musical work, the trio has been recognised with numerous awards. Included in the awards are the Artist Grant from the city of Berlin, the Brandenburg Chamber Music Award from Banzendorf and the Ensemble Prize of the city of Moers. The two most recent concert programmes were “Lost in tango” and “Goodbye Astor” in the Tango tradition.

The trio also performs works of the classical composers. For this part of their repertoire, they received excellent press reviews and enthusiastic praise from their audiences. The trio has successfully performed at numerous festivals, including the International Ludwigsburg Castle Festival and the Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival.

Trio Neuklang will perform at the Odeion on 14 September at 19:30. Tickets cost R130 for adults, R90 for pensioners, R70 for university staff and R50 for students and learners. Tickets are available from Computicket.

For more information visit their website at http://www.trio-neuklang.de/ or phone Ninette Pretorius at 051-401-2504 for any enquiries.