SONA credibility in doubt – Analyst

Chaotic scenes unfolded during the State of the Nation Address on 9 February. Photo: Youtube

The State of the Nation Address’s (SONA) credibility is quite questionable. This is according to political analyst, Amanda Gouws.

She says the chaotic scenes which unfolded during the opening of parliament bring uncertainty in the National Assembly’s legitimacy.

During the SONA, Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) MPs were forcefully removed from the house. Democratic Alliance (DA) MPs also staged a walk-out.

“Are you giving credence credibility to the circus that was going on in that parliament tonight and last year? I think it was completely unacceptable. The dragging out of the opposition, spraying of pepper spray and so as a commentator I have to put it out there and say: ‘What type of credibility do I give to the State of the Nation Address in a context like that?” she says.

Political parties are expected to announce their plans on how they are going to react on the SONA events on Friday.

A debate on the State of the Nation Address is also scheduled to take place next week.

Moeketsi Mogotsi/Courant News