SCA confirms interdict against UCT 5

Students at the University of Cape Town erected a shack on campus in order to point out a housing crisis faced by some students at the institution earlier this year. Photo: Facebook.

The Supreme Court of Appeal has confirmed on Thursday a Western Cape High Court interdict against five people in favour of the University of Cape Town (UCT).

The court held that on the facts of the case a final interdict should be granted. However, it held that the terms in which it had been granted by the high court were too wide.

The interdict applies to Alexandria Hotz, Masixole Mlandu, Chumani Maxwele, Slovo Magida and Zola Shokane.

The SCA changed the scope of the interdict to one interdicting the five from engaging in unlawful activities in breach of the UCT’s rights and those of other students, staff and persons lawfully on the university campus.

The prohibition on the appellants being on the campus without written authorisation from the Vice-Chancellor or his delegation was removed from the order.

The case relates to the Shackville protest in February this year in which protesters, some of them students, erected a shack in Residence Road on the upper campus that blocked traffic and interfered with the free passage of students.

Protesters also defaced statues and the War Memorial with slogans. The protesters also forced their way into a residence and helped themselves to food intended for resident students, removed portraits, paintings, and photographs from the walls of several buildings and defaced and burnt them.

Andre Grobler/Courant News