Sawdust and cardboard make a great braai!


Three young women, Elizabeth Ntoagae (32), Maipato Makhetha (31) and Lerato Lekhetho (28), from Mafora, an area in Bloemfontein, are redefining the way we braai through their eco-friendly briquettes made from cardboard, recycled water and sawdust.

The briquettes are made by using water, old paper, cardboard and saw dust, then all the components are mixed until a mâchè is formed. The blend goes into a compressor, which then forms the briquettes into a cylinder shape. Lastly, they let these cylinders dry out in the sun by arranging them on crates. Then at last, the entire product is packaged.

These aspiring entrepreneurs are assisted by an international student organisation called Enactus, which focuses on developing the community through entrepreneurship.

Enactus has helped the ladies by donating a compressing machine that helps produce the briquettes in the cylinder shape they come in, which makes the process less labour intensive.

Although they lack funding, equipment and infrastructure, they remain true ladies at heart. Makhetha, who has just had a manicure, says: “Getting your hands dirty doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take care of them. “

Pulane Choane /Courant News