SADTU North West welcomes 2016 Matric results


SADTU in the North West Province welcomes and appreciates the release of 2016 matric results.

The union says it would like to congratulate all stakeholders inter alia, senior management of the Education Department under the, MEC Sello Lehari, as well as districts and area offices officials, principals, learners and selfless teachers in a statement issued.

The union also lauds its own members and also points out the challenges faced in the education system in the province.

“Indeed, the province with all its forces managed to prove no material condition of whatever magnitude can pull us down. As stakeholders, you navigated this huge ship to these flamboyant results through very limited resources and infrastructural problems in certain areas,” it says.

“With these results, a very strong signal is triggered that the province has the capacity to move to greater heights.”

Sadtu says it would like to recommit itself to engage in further scientific analysis of the matric performances as a way to:

– Assist in the re-evaluation of the system’s strengths and weaknesses

– Provide the basis for benchmarking with other best performing provinces

– Guide the system in addressing challenges prevailing and also consolidating the gains attained

– Facilitate prompt and more intensified intervention strategies”

The Union will, like in the past, engage and work with the Department of Education in the province to facilitate maximum performance in 2017.

“We call upon our members to once more display their ability to strike a balance between their roles as employees of the department and also as agents of change in our revolution,“ it adds.

“The journey through 2017 has its own challenges and therefore requires all of us to put our hands on deck. Together we stand and shall conquer. Once more, congratulations and keep the good work.” It concludes.

Statement issued