Rouxville murderers to the sentenced on Friday

The two murder accused in Bethulie Circuit Court. Photo: André Grobler

The murderers of Smithfield doctor and well-known farmer Bennie Cilliers are expected to be sentenced in the Bethulie Circuit Court on Friday.

Acting Judge, Liza Tsatsi, found Cilliers’ former farm worker Thabang Jordaan and a friend David Zamayo guilty on a murder count.

The court also found the men guilty on two additional counts namely attempted murder of Cilliers wife, Cecilia, and a count of housebreaking and robbery with aggravating circumstances.

The crimes relate to a farm attack on the Cilliers couple on their farm Gouda in the Rouxville district in January this year.

The two men broke into the farm house of the sleeping couple and attacked them with a heavy icon bar and a plastic fencing pole.

Cilliers did not survive the attack and died due to head injuries sustained during the incident. His wife survived the attack but spent a long time recuperating in an ICU ward in a hospital in Bloemfontein.

The court started with sentencing proceedings immediately after judgment was delivered. The court adjourned by late Thursday afternoon.

André Grobler/Courant News