Rain and snowy conditions to continue today


Cold, rainy conditions are expected to continue today and tomorrow in most areas in the Northern Cape, Free State and North West. The South African Weather Service’s Michael Nethavhani says a cold front from the Western Cape has been moving through KwaZulu-Natal to central parts of the country to as far as Botswana since Saturday. Heavy rain is predicted in most parts of the Free State.

Snowfall is still on the cards in the southern parts of the Free State, areas adjacent to Lesotho through to Van Reenens Pass. There is a 80% chance for rain in the Free State with a 60% chance of rain in North West today. According to him the south eastern part of the Northern Cape can expect a 60% chance of rain today. Maximum day temperatures are expected to be in excess of 10 degrees Celsius across most parts of the Free State and southern part of the Northern Cape today. According to Nethavhani the central and northern parts of the Northern Cape can expect temperatures around 12 degrees Celsius while North West can expect maximum temperatures of about 14 degrees Celsius in most parts.

Nethavhani says cold and wet conditions will continue until tomorrow with temperatures expected to rise to above 18 degrees Celsius in most parts of Central South Africa by Wednesday. – Christal-Lize Muller