PROMOTION: Illegal electricity connections affect you


The next time your lights are out and you can’t watch TV or make coffee, remember that this might be caused by illegal electricity connections.

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What is an illegal connection

An electricity connection is considered illegal when it is connected to the Eskom network without Eskom’s permission. Examples include households running illegal connections by connecting to a mini substation or overhead pole. This results in the system being overloaded and causes electricity tripping.  It also poses a danger of fires breaking out or people getting killed. Electricity theft is a huge problem as it causes the country about R20 billion a

Why illegal connections are a pain

When Eskom supplies a community with electricity it first establishes how much electricity is needed by the number of people and homes and base their electricity connection on that. Illegal connections draw from these homes results in the system failing. These connections are made in an unsafe manner and are

Illegal connections are dangerous

Illegal connections are hazardous and can cause electrocution. Illegal connections may benefit those who steal electricity, but most of the time innocent children playing in the streets who fiddle with the wires end up paying the ultimate price.

The people who set up these illegal connections are also in danger of getting electrocuted, they are not qualified electricians. Their actions leave the whole community vulnerable.rr

If you come across any illegal connections, report them to Eskom on 08600 37566 (ESKOM) or SMSCrime Line on 32211.

For more information, visit Operation Khanyisa.