PROMOTION: 5 Dangers of unsafe electricity use


Some of the biggest contributors to electricity-related incidents include contact with low-hanging electrical cables and fallen power lines, cable theft, overloading plugs and substandard wiring.

Here are few major dangers of unsafe electricity use and how to be safe.

  1. Sub-standard wiring1

Sub-standard wiring means wiring that is poor quality – making it unsafe for people and animals around it, especially when it is within reach. In many cases the insulation (material that prevents people from making contact with the electricity) is either not done or done poorly using incorrect materials. These include masking tape, which does not insulate properly and becomes brittle quickly. If a person or animal touches any exposed electrical wiring or cabling, they could suffer a serious or even fatal injury.

Safety tips:2

  1. Overloading plugs3

When you have limited plug points and connect multiple appliances – like your TV, kettle and stove – to one plug, you are overloading the plug, which is highly dangerous. This could lead for your power supply to be cut.

Safety tips:4

  1. Why re-purposing appliances is dangerous5

Re-purposing appliances is when an appliance that is meant for one use is changed to perform an alternative task. An example of this is when a gas and primus stove is changed to be powered by electricity. This is very dangerous as the appliances have no safety features and a person can be injured or killed if they touch the stove.

Safety tip:6

  1. Exposed cables7

It is unsafe to place/run electrical cables and extension cords on the floor or under carpets. Electrical cables are supposed to be out of reach of people or animals as constant contact with them will make them a fire threat and cause harm to people who might trip over them.

Safety tips:8

  1. Low-hanging cables9

Overhead power cables are normally suspended out of reach of people but when the poles collapse or fall over, the line can touch the ground or hang close to the ground, putting people and animals in danger.

Safety tips:10

Eskom continues to urge all South Africans to help combat electricity-theft by sending an anonymous SMS to Crime Line at 32211. SMSs cost R1. Fore more information, visit Operation Khanyisa.


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