Police investigating a case of arson at Sol Plaatje University


The police in Kimberley are investigating a case of arson at the Sol Plaatje University after a fire caused extensive damage to a storeroom at the university earlier this week.

The Vice-Chancellor, Yunus Ballim, says somebody threw a bottle, believed to be a petrol bomb, through a window of the Luka Jantjie House on  Tuesday evening.

He adds the storeroom was well shielded and the fire was not able to spread.  He says the fire burned out by itself and nobody was injured.

There was, however, serious damage to the room, furniture and the walls have to be repainted.

Ballim says there is a strong sense that the incident is  related to the protests over fees.

“I think it is strongly associated, because it comes at a time when a number of fires were started around the country at universities. However, I don’t think that it is obviously our students because we are aware also that there have been outsiders [involved at protests] – we have just issued a revised timetable to allow us to complete all exams and supplementary exams, and provide students their results on the 15th of December,” Ballim says.

-Mark Steenbok