Parents urged to guard what children eat

Christmas lunch. Photo supplied.

Parents are warned against children’s over indulgence of food this Christmas weekend. According to a dietician Dineo Mopeli, children tend to overeat food that are low in fibre during this of the year.

She warns parents and guardian of possible risks associated with over indulgence. Mopeli says childhood obesity due to children’s bad eating habits and lack of physical activity is on the rise.

As families prepare for this Christmas weekend Mopeli reminds parents of the importance of planning meals.

“Usually these days children tend to eat food that is low in fibre or highly processed food, so the way our children are eating these days is a major problem. We need to remember that the damage done is difficult to revert. Children need to have a variety of food. No matter how exited we are, whether it is a party or Christmas lunch there must be fruits and vegetables”she said.

Mopeli reminds parents of the importance of preparing food that are nutritious. She adds that the consequences of childhood obesity will remain with the child for the rest of their lives.

She says children that do not eat nutritious food are prone to have lifestyle diseases such as diabetes. She says they are at a higher risk of experiencing  heart and kidney failure as compared to children that eat a balanced diet.

Katleho Morapela/ Courant News