NWU welcomes government assistance with fee increases


The North West University has acknowledged the steps by government to absorb the fee increment for the poor and the missing middle in 2017.

It also supports all efforts to make higher education progressively more affordable in the future.

This is according to university spokesperson Louis Jacobs, and follows the decision by the NWU council that class and hostel fees at the three campuses will increase by 8% in 2017.

Jacobs adds the approved increase will be paid by government to the university in the form of a grant, the so-called “gap funding”.

“Apart from this, the university also remains committed to assist our students and would like to encourage them and their parents [or guardians] to approach the university and ensure that all avenues are explored to enable students to register and continue their studies during 2017” Jacobs concluded.

All National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) qualifying students, as well as the “missing middle” students (i.e. those students whose households earn above the NSFAS threshold but less than R600 000 per year), will experience no fee increase for 2017. – Dane Beisheim