NWU promotes inclusive learning


The majority of universities in the country are still being faced with challenges of decolonising the curriculum and promoting transformation in and around their campuses. This is according to the North West University’s Vice Chancellor, Dan Kgwadi.

Kgwadi says taking this into consideration this year, the North West University is working on a new strategy which includes improving academic standards and working towards building a more unitary institution.

“There is a very clear focus in terms of a new strategy called social justice. This would imply a number of things, among which would be to ensure that there is equity of provision in our programmes, and to ensure that there is equity of resources across our campuses, and equity of student experience.”

Kgwadi says the university management, council and students’ leadership are currently all working together to promote learning and teaching across all three campuses.

Katleho Morapela/ Courant News