Northridge Mall still not fully operational

Hailstorm in Bloemfontein. PHOTO: CHRISTAL-LIZE MULLER

Following a hailstorm late yesterday afternoon, the Northridge Mall is still not fully operational. According to the CEO of the PHG Group, owners of the Northridge Mall, Charl Gray, only a few shops are open to the public.

Gray says they are still cleaning up and assessing the damage that was caused. He says they are currently prohibiting customers from entering the parking area of the mall.

Gray, however, mentions that it will not take long until the mall becomes fully operational again.

We have just opened the shopping centre for the cleaners to clean. Some of the shops are still flooded, so it is impossible for customers to shop. We might be open in the next hour or two. Gray adds that the total cost of the damage is not yet known at this stage.

Katleho Morapela/ Courant News